Leading UX & UI Course by INKONIQ

Master UX through
a mentor-driven
design course

Master UX through a mentor-driven design course
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Learn from experienced designers
Our curriculum emphasizes on hands-on learning from industry leading UX designers.
Build portfolio with real client projects
Build a rich portfolio by working on solving real world design challenges, for brands and startups.
Get to earn after you learn
Our mission is to get you job-ready, with opportunities to be part of our design guild.
The Academy

JumpCatch Academy Design School by INKONIQ - Rated as India's Top5 UX/UI Agencies.

We’re on a mission to Democratize Design, by helping budding designers to Jump Start their UX career.

Get access to incredible mentors, hands on training sessions and work with startups & brands to solve their design challenges.

What you'll learn
Our curriculum builds a strong foundation to help you kickstart a successful UX career.
Be a confident UX Designer in 10 weeks
Conduct user research
Learn and practice in-person and remote user research, analyze the findings, and define the problem statements.
Ideate impactful solutions
Come up with break-through solutions with a deep understanding of user needs, usability principles & design best practices. Create sketches, wireframes, IA and solution maps.
Build interactive prototypes & validate
Bring life to your sketches, by building interactive prototypes. Validate and refine the concepts through user testing.
Design beautiful apps and websites
Learn typography, colour theory, and visual design best practices to craft aesthetic and delightful interfaces.
Sell your design with confidence
Learn how to effectively communicate your design decisions to stakeholders and develop your presentation skills.
Build a personal brand & portfolio
Be market ready with a portfolio of live projects and your unique identity.
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Full-Time Course is suited for

  • Budding creative talent with some background in design who are aspiring to be an all round UX Designer
  • Designers from alternate design streams like fashion, interior, graphic design who would like to transition to a UX Designer Role
  • Designers seeking portfolio of live client projects and hands on experience to be job ready
  • Talented designers who like to perfect their pitch and improve the client communication skills

Online Course/Short Course is suited for:

  • Entrepreneur looking to acquire solid understanding of User Research & UX Skills and Access to world-class design mentors that will help them differentiate the offerings
  • UI Developer who believes that the knowledge of UX would only help them confidently communicate and implement better designs.
  • An individual from a totally different field, but has a creative bug in them.
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Academy will prepare you as a professional designer capable of taking on a range of UX and UI design work. On successful completion you will be enrolled into Design Guild which offers assistance for finding both Full-time Jobs & Freelance Gigs based on your needs.
Yes. You will receive a JumpCatch Academy by INKONIQ certificate that outlines the topics you have studied, and certifies that you have completed the course.
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